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Double Square Dimmable Led downlight light COB Ceiling SpotLight

Product parameter:

Input voltage: AC85~265V / 110V / 220V 50 / 60Hz
Power:7W 10W 15W 7W*2 10W*2 15W*2
Dimming optional
Color rendering index (CRI):> Ra90
Beam angle:38°LED
Chip: COB
Luminous flux: 95~110LM/W
Temperature: -25 to 45°
Color temperature: warm white: (2700K-3000K); natural white: (4000K-4200K); cool white: (6000K-6500K)
Life span: 50000~80,000 hours
Certification: CE / RoHS / FCC / 3C
Warranty: 4 years
Material: die-cast aluminum + lens



Feature of Product:

1. LED downlights use constant LED driving power (AC85-265V, AC110V, AC220V 50/60Hz). Stable performance, safe and reliable. Applicable to all countries.
2. LED downlights, environmentally friendly materials, low power consumption, luminous efficiency and brightness lighting are better than LED downlights. 3. The LED downlight has anti-radiation and anti-fog functions. Gentle and beautiful.
4. The LED driver is moisture-proof, insulated and high temperature resistant. Security level IP42
5. The environmentally friendly semiconductor light source has uniform light color, which is beneficial to people’s vision protection and health. No radiation, no ultraviolet, no flicker.
6. CCC, CE, FCC, UL, RoHS, SAA SGS certified (LED) products can ensure safety and avoid electric shock and fire hazards.
7. Compared with fluorescent lamp/halogen lamp/incandescent lamp, energy saving is 45-70%, and the service life is longer:> 80000H.