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T10 Canbus Led - 4 SMD


Class: Canbus Led>T10 4smd 5050
  • Next Generation High Brightness low power consumption Led
  • This Bulb will stop (most) Bulb Warning (Can Bus) errors without the need of special load resistors
  • 4 Leds x 120' 5050 Wite Leds
  • Colour Xenon WHITE
  • 60 Lumen
  • Voltage range from 12 -16v
  • Power Consumption 170ma (3Watts)
  • Size 9mm (W)  bulb from end to end 34mm
  • This bulb will fit in most standard 501 sidelight / dash board applications


This auction features a pair of brand new  Super Bright 360-degree shine SMD (SMT) T10 wedge LED bulbs with built-in load resistors, specially designed for European vehicles such as Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche or BMW, etc.
These OBC Error Free T10 Wedge LED bulbs will replace the stock 168, 194, 2825, 2821 or W5W bulbs.
The length of this T10 LED bulb is approx 1.15 inches. Since this T10 LED bulb is slightly longer than the stock wedge tungsten bulb, so buyers must make sure the this T10 SMD LED bulb can fit into the housing before buying.
Each LED bulb equips with 4 pieces High Power 1210 SMD CREE LED Chips, with built-in Load resistors, so they will work properly for European vehicle's parking city lights (position lights), sidemarker lights such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, etc.

We have conducted a series of long tests base on a 2004 Mercedes E500, a 2006 Mercedes SLK350, and a 2008 Mercedes CLS500. The LED bulbs will light up perfectly and stay on error-free without flickering.

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