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Navigation Lamp ( BAY15D )

navigation lamp 
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The Bay15D 50 LEDs Replacement Bulb will replace your conventional 25Watt glowing bulb instantly converting your navigation lights into LED navigation lights.

* The LED bulb consumes just 3.5 Watts instead of the normal 25 Watts. Saving battery life and expectancy.

* Featuring a long life capability and being insensitive to the movements and vibrations of the ship they will last for over 50.000 hours. Fewer trips up the mast!

* Normally LEDs need to be wired the right way to ensure polarity but as this light has a built-in diode bridge it does not matter which way you have connected the positive and negative poles to your navigation light fixture. Again ensuring minimum fuss at the top of the mast

* As most of the navigation lights always leak a little, we have waterproofed the LED bulb. The LED bulb can be powered from 10V to 30V/DC so they are suitable to use on boats with a 12V/DC power supply and a 24V/DC power supply.

bay15d, White,Red,Blue,Yellow,Green,50pcs led.
Environmental friendly and power saving
Various colors and low temperature
Good vibration resistance and stable emitting
Durable and non -fading brilliant beams
Instand and immediate light on
life time: 50,000 hours or more
OEM and ODM orders are welcome
Application: Auto fog lights, Auto headlight...
Product name: bay15d , led light, automobile led,car led lamp, automotive led bulbs.

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