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festooncanbus led with Al heat sink


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Product Description:

1.Compare with other ordinary led,36,39,41mm smd car lights with stable current and britness.

2.For the back of smd we have apply the aluminium heat sink ,it's the best way for heat dissipation.

3.Size: 36mm/39mm/41mm.

4.Socket:c5w Festoon light.

5.Led quantity:2pcs/3pcs.

Features: Use aluminum plate , heat sink , The cooling capacity is very good , high brightness

Material: Chips are imported from Tai Wan, assure quality and high bright
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01) Maintenance Free, Easy Installation;
02) Shockproof (High Shock / Vibration Resistant)
03) Built-in Current Limiting Resistors;
04) Durable, Long Lifespan 100, 000+ hours (10 years);
05) Designed to work in negative ground vehicles;
06) Low Power Consumption;
07) High Intensity;
08) Eco-Label, Major Power Savings;
09) Major Reduction in, Heat Generation;
10) One-Year Lamp Warranty.
11) Low Heat Generation
12) Super white lighting provides a high level of road safety at night driving.
13) Fast active;
14) Pure color with nice appearance;

Advantages of Car LED Lighting:
1. Competitive price (you buy from a big LED factory directly)
2. Assured quality (We have been producing LED over 5 years and we have Professional QC process)
3. Super delivery time, we will ship within 3 working days after clear PayPal, Western union or
T/T payment
4. Best Service (all salesman or technician in stshine are good English-speaker, who can offer more quick communication for buyers)
5. stshine are senior member of DHL, UPS and FedEx, and other shipping agents. We are enjoying a discounted shipping cost.
6. OEM & ODM Service. According to customers design, we produce different LEDBulbs for you with different LED light source and LED quantity.

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Boats, Motorbikes, direction light, emergency vehicle lamp, dashboard light,
Dash light, instrument light, indicator light, stop lamp, brake light, tail
Lamp, side lamp, parking lamp, tag lamp, license plate light, turn signal lamp,
Dome lights, interior lighting, warning indicator, etc.

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